STD Testing Panels & Prices

STDs are a part of life and more common than we realize. All we can do is spread awareness and take control of our sexual health through testing and safe sex measures. Are you having symptoms or simply need peace of mind? Get tested today.

DNA Testing Panels & Prices

DNA testing can help answer some of the questions you have. At 24/7Labs we promise you confidential testing that is legally admissible and accurate in a timely fashion. As soon as we know the results you can count of on having them as well.

Drug Testing Panels & Prices

24/7labs offers drug testing for individuals & employers. We offer random and group drug testing guaranteed to save you money. Walk-ins are always accepted and we are open after typical working hours.

Allergy Testing Prices & Information

Say goodbye to all the awful side effects that come with being allergic to certain things. Get tested and put an end to not knowing what the cause of your suffering is.


B12 is a vitamin that helps your body use carbohydrates and fat for energy. The vitamin also helps to make new protein and is very important for your blood, nerves, and cells. B12 deficiency can cause depression, fatigue and mood disorders. The injection is used to address those issues and by providing a boost in energy, lowering depression and driving cognitive functions.

Thyroid Testing

Your thyroid is a small gland that plays a major part in your overall health. The thyroid gland releases hormones directly related to regulating metabolism. A thyroid panel can help evaluate how your thyroid is functioning and help diagnose hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism.





Individual Testing

Five Test Annual Screening: CBC, CMP, UA, Lipid, TSH, $110
 Any Four from the Annual Screening $89
Any Three from the Annual Screening $69
Single STDs: Herpes, HIV, RPR $79
Convenience Draw Fee (with physician requisition) $20
STD Panel Screen: 9 Tests. Chlamydia, GC, Hep B, Hep C HIV, HSV I HSV II, RPR, U/A $219
Virus Panel: 2 Test. HIV and HSV ½ $149
Acute Hepatitis Panel A B C $129
 MMR, VARICELLA,Hep B, Hep C and Hep A. $179
 Dr’s Physical  $40

ABO & Rh Type $49
 ANA $79
CA 27.29 $69
CA 125 $69
CBC $29
CEA $79
Chlamydia and Gonorrhea $109
Chlamydia or Gonorrhea $59
CMP $29
C Reactive Protein $39
DHEA-S $59
 Estradiol $69
Ferritin  $39
 Fibrinogen – Clot Detection  $189
 Free T3  $39
 Free T4  $39
 FSH  $49
 Hep B Surface Antigen  $39
 Hep C A B  $39
 Hep C A B  $39
 HcG Qualitative/Quantitative Pregnancy  $49/$39
 CCP A/b Igg/Iga  $139
 Antiextractable Nuclear A/g  $149
 Sjogren’s, Anti-ssa-/-ss-B  $149
 SLE Profile Cslghju  $179
Lipid Panel $29
LH $39
Liver Function Panel $39
 Ova and Parasites or C & S $89
 Progesterone  $49
 PSA  $39
 PT/INR  $39
 Rheumatoid Factor  $39
 Renal Function  $39
 PT/PTT  $69
 Testosterone (Free & Total)  $69
 Thyroglobulin Antibody  $69
 Throat Culture (Strep Test)  $69
 Thyroid Panel (TSH,T4 Total,T3 Uptake)  $79
 TPO  $79
 TSH  $39
 UA (basic urinalysis)  $39
 Uric Acid  $69
 Vitamin B12 and Folates  $79
 Vitamin D25 Hydroxy  $79
 MMR Titer/Varicella/Hep B S/Antigen  $159
 10 and 5  Panel Drug Screen Instant  $39
 Sent out to the Lab  $49
 Specific Drug Quant Level by Type, Extra  $25

 Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) Antibodies to Early Antigen, IgG
 “Lyme Disease A/b Quantitative IgM   $139
 Varicella Zoster V A/B Igg  $79
 Candida virus A/b  $119
 Ova & Parasite Exam  $89
 Stool Culture $99
Homocysteine , Plasma $89
HLA B 27 Disease Association.(Disease Association Testing) $169
Transferrin, Serum $69
Estrogen, Total $89
Prolactin $69
Cortisol $69
Celiac Disease A/B Screen $159
Amylase, Serum $39
lipase $49
Magnesium, Serum $49
TroponinHeart protein test $89
Coenzyme Q10, (Total) $109

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